Augment Your Property with an Underfloor Heating System in Surrey

We Offer a No-Fix, No-Fee Policy

PROGAS offer installation services aimed at domestic customers. We employ fully trained underfloor heating installers. With hundreds of installations under our wing, we help you choose the correct system. We install warm water underfloor heating with screed over the pipes, which results in a second-to-none solution. Our team provide you with electric heating cables, under laminate and Amtico heating, and wet floor heating systems.

Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is created by installing pipes within the floor. The pipes are then heated by the boiler, which in turn heats the entire floor area. This does away with the need for radiators, giving the room a clean look. Additional benefits include making traditionally cold tiled surfaces comfortable to walk on, even in the middle of winter.

Underfloor Heating VS Radiators

Underfloor heating is slower to warm up than radiators, but it retains heat better. So, if your house is occupied most of the day, it can be more beneficial. If, however, you are out for long periods of time, the faster heat-up time of radiators would probably suit you better. Please contact us to receive advice and guidance on either system, alongside a free quotation for your required service.

Underfloor Heating Benefits

The highlights of underfloor heating include:

  • Efficient room-by-room temperature control.
  • Clean, warm heating systems throughout your home. (No unsightly radiators!)
  • A lower installation cost than a traditional radiator system.
  • Lower fuel bills and comfortable warm floors all-year round.

Our underfloor heating provides warmth throughout your room. We lay specifically manufactured heating elements under a floor surface, which are known through years of experience to provide comforting warmth, while also providing other useful floor functions.

With no need for bulky radiators, you benefit from extra space and a clean decorative finish. Underfloor heating is an efficient way of heating a room because of the way the heat is distributed.

Contact our team, in Surrey, to arrange a no-obligation quotation and a FREE site survey.

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